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Public speaking is often overlooked by people as being unimportant or they may think that they will never be called to speak in public, but as that next all important job interview comes closer, all they say is "I wish I had a better way of presenting myself and my ideas". These people are bound to get tongue tied and being in a state of total meltdown when asked to present a topic in public, even a topic they know, understand and even practice very well.

Common myths about Public Speaking:
  • Public speaking skills are required only for Sales and Marketing jobs
  • Politicians are trained in Public speaking skills
  • Public speaking skills cannot help one in an interview
  • Interviewers only bother about your qualification and experience
  • Students have nothing to do with Public speaking skills
  • Public speaking skills are required only to address large groups of people.

Communication skills and public speaking skills are inter-related, hence, if you improve your public speaking skills, you also invariably improve your interpersonal communication skills with your peers and family. This in turn fosters your ability to stand-out in the crowd and be looked upon with respect as a good speaker and as a confident human being.

Realizing the importance of Public speaking in ones’ daily life in a fast growing metropolitan culture as that of Dubai, Apple Toastmasters was established in July 2007, under the guidance of the Area 33 officials. As a result of their continuous support and leadership, a group of 20 people formed the chartered members of Apple Toastmasters (Club No. 1046004, Area 33, Division 'J', District 20).

As a result of the positive approach, never ending enthusiasm and most of all, the convenient timings, the flow of guests and registration of members has been a routine at Apple. To give our members more opportunities to progress, the idea of an alternate club, under Division B was discussed and agreed upon - and hence, Apples Toastmasters Club (Club No. 3256429, Area 40, Division 'B', District 20) was born in July 2013.

To keep up the tradition of "giving back to the society" the Execom of Apples Toastmasters came up with the idea of continuing the tradition of donations to Labor camps in Dubai under the banner of APPLES CARES - wherein members contributed in whatever way they could and the entire proceedings were donated to the needy people in and around Dubai.

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Club No. 3256429, Area 40, Division B, District 20

We meet on alternate Fridays, 9:30 AM at Apple Intl School, Qusais.

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Please feel free to call on any of the following numbers, to reach us:

Phone: 0554434818 | 0503139159 | 0507767304
Address: PO 33963, Qusais, Dubai